Brazilian vacations!

Hey my dear readers, hope it finds all you well in this new year! Happy 2012!

I’ll tell you about my vacations in Brazil. After two years living in USA, I’ve faced a lot of contrast and I’ll share these stories with you.

São Paulo

First thing I’ve faced in Brazil was in São Paulo. The airport officials were on strike! Welcome back Marcelo. I spent, literally, 3 hours at the airport to pass through the immigration. We are about to have Olympic Games and World Cup in Brazil… how?

São Paulo was always an ugly city, the thing that makes São Paulo a good place are the people. I had the pleasure to meet Danilo Rodrigues which was my coworker in NYC and Rafael Rinaldi, both great friends that I care a lot. That was the best part of São Paulo, all the rest was shit to me (visa, document problems, noise, stress and money spent).

Ok, I went to the american consulate and guess what, couldn’t renew my visa, why? I didn’t make the proper appointment! I had to spend R$ 300 (around U$ 200), at the clandestine trade to get another appointment as soon as possible, once my life is in Los Angeles. Another great memory of São Paulo. #NOT

Note: I spent around R$ 1000 (U$ 800) with taxes in Brazil at this trip!

Passo Fundo

Finally I flew to my hometown, I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe I thought I was Frodo and I was going back to the shire! No, Passo Fundo, my hometown has increased the crime average, it was really dangerous to walk on the streets with different clothes, they could steal it from you or worst.

Overall, I met my family which, with no doubt, was the best fact of my trip!

After a kind time spent with my family and friends, I flew back to São Paulo, in a madness to try to get my visa approved. At this time, São Paulo was good to me, I have gotten the visa in record time, 1.5 hours! Now I have to wait until my visa arrive!


Time to go to the city that made my education as man, rainy Curitiba. I really love this place and after living in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and know all the south main cities, I could easily say that Curitiba is the best city I ever lived in Brazil. Also is where I found the girl that will spend her life at my side :)

Though I was working remotely during the day, I had amazing dinners and happy hours with friends and my girlfriend’s family.

Michel Teló

Michel Teló isn’t a city or something that I like, he is a singer, a person that has my respect for being recognized in all country. How? I don’t know, I really don’t know, but it should be something that brazilians should ban FOREVER! Non sense lyric ever made. It doesn’t match our culture not even a bit. I really want to land in Brazil in December and not listening this song anymore.


It is clearly proved that Brazil doesn’t have structure to have a world recognize event yet. It needs couple years to improve and change some stereotype that people judge each other.

Brazil is a great place, though. It just need more love from the politicians. I won’t make a list with all the items we should change as brazilians, we know what has to be done, and I’m not a good example as well, once I live outside of the country!

Now I’m getting ready to flight back to Los Angeles, I want to see how my house is going, I really miss my life right now!

Basically it was the resume of my trip to Brazil, I know it is nothing about technology, but it’s good to share sometimes.

Have a great 2012, everyone!

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