What happened?

Seriously, what the hell happened?

Where are the cool web sites experiences? Where are the projects which we loved to do? Where is the Coke Zero Game website?

What the hell they’re doing with html5? ONLY STUPID EXPERIMENTS which nobody can use, because these bullshits only work on the last super cool Chrome version. RETARDED!

What a egocentric person called Steve Jobs did to the world wide internet experience? I’m talking about internet, it encompasses mobile, desktops and whatever device that can run internet. He has simply killed a generation! Generation with amazing people that love to create crazy things.

I was part of this generation. I said, WAS!

What is cool now? I meant, cool, not useful! There’s a ton of useful apps at the Apple Store, which is great, but where’s the cool stuff?

I had to move on with the market. Doing petty things, because the client doesn’t want something that doesn’t run at iPad, iPhone, iSuck! At the end, the client is right. They’re lost in this war, they only want their brand at any device possible. How to do it? Stupid 1999 html projects which there’s NO excitement, none!

I have to say that I became a better developer with all this mess. I’ve learned couple new languages and ways to develop. I could be wrong, and I wanted to be wrong, but, to be honest, I’m pretty right and unhappy.

I really hope that html5 does become a real cool thing, because I like to do cool things. For now, it looks like crap for me, and commercially speaking, it is a huge crap.

I still can’t understand how Cannes could have named a Chrome experiment as the best choice for Cyber. What was the popularity of that thing? Who has launched that website? Only cool dudes with the new Chrome version? Cannes for hipsters, maybe? Should I grab my lion and throw out in the fog?

I don’t want to be old saying that, but I’d like to delivery something which all users could interact without restrictions, regardless the browser, the ONLY tool, that can provide this nowadays is the Flash.

Is it getting old? A’ight, so, can you show me something new that can do at least 50% that Flash does?

Again, I’m NOT a Flash defender, I don’t care about which technology will be used and I’m not biased with different technologies, don’t get me wrong, I JUST WANT TO DO COOL THINGS!

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